Advantages for Society Members

There are particular benefits for the aspiring artist who would like to join the Society. The Society caters for people with all levels of expertise, from a person with no previous experience, through to one who has spent years developing his/her interest.

Members enjoy:

  • Monthly newsletters that outline all up-coming activities as well as a range of articles of joint interest, “Self-help painting group” on Tuesdays from 10am, and at 10am on the 2nd Saturday morning each month a self-help portrait group attends.
  • The Society’s book and video libraries are available for members to use.
  • Monthly demonstrations & regular workshops. Discounts for art classes and selected art supply outlets.
  • An annual Spring Exhibition is held for members to enter, and is judged in several mediums, with an award given to each winning entry.
  • During the year, members may hang their paintings in the gallery for the public to view, and to purchase. Members have the freedom to meet and participate in a congenial and supportive atmosphere at the gallery and are welcome to meet and use the gallery when it is open, but not when classes are in progress.
  • The D.T.A.S is fortunate to be able to use this historic building for teaching, and as a gallery for their art. (Courtesy of a lease with the Manningham City Council)