Tutor – Peter Smales

Tonal painting in oils or acrylics with an emphasis on design and colour.
All welcome – beginners to advanced.

Artist Profile

Peter has had annual exhibitions since 1982, at Leveson Gallery, Carlton, Elgin Gallery, Victorian Artist’s Society and Jenny Pihan Fine Art.  A selection of his paintings can be viewed at various art galleries including: Peterborough Antiques & Art (in particular featuring the dramatic coastline of the Twelve Apostles and Great Ocean Road); Metropolis Gallery in Geelong and Eaglesnest Gallery at Airey’s Inlet to name a few.  Drawing his inspiration from nature, his paintings are principally known for their rich colours, captured moods and impressionistic effects.   He judges many public art exhibitions and is a member of the Twenty Melbourne Painters and the Victorian Artist’s Society.

Artist’s Statement: 

My art is fixed firmly in the visual world and paint is the medium I have chosen to express myself.  Taking Paul Cezanne’s dictum that art is a return to nature, but not to be taken at face value.  Art, artifice, artful – the word implies a contrivance and selection.  The four sides of a painting, not found in nature, impose all the conventions that have been adopted by artists over time – the two dimensional decorative abstract and colour possibilities.

Changing light, of beguiling subtlety, falling on objects provides endless and inexhaustible motifs.  In the end a painting is paint, not reality.  I like paint and I want the end product to look something like the subject and something like paint.  That’s the hook – an art for art’s sake aesthetic.

Peter’s Art