Artist of the Month – Pam Ziedas

1st February – 29th February

I have always drawn as far back as I can remember, and that’s a long time. My Mum was always drawing with coloured pencils at the kitchen table, so she probably gave me some paper and pencils to keep me quiet and stop me forever asking “Why?”.
My first formal ‘training’ was at Coburg High College Evening Class in the 1980’s, where the Art teacher, ignoring all my careful drawings, advised me that we could all pass the physical exam by going out and taking photos of holes dug in the ground or any pure concrete walls available. (A “thing” at the time, apparently.) So, being totally disillusioned, I didn’t even go to that exam. I only attended the Art History one and passed.
Other than that, I have attended a lot of casual classes in all sorts of societies, loving the company, discussions and helpful hints, always open to and enjoying new ideas. You never stop learning and that is the joy of art.

Universe, Alcohol Inks